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    Lost Passwords and Cancellations

    Lost your password? Have a monthly/recurring membership that you would like to cancel?

    The fastest way to resolve these issues is through the support site for our payment processor, CCBill. You can find it at the following link:

    Please note that non-recurring memberships (3 & 6 month pre-paid, and 900#) cannot be cancelled.

    You will need to provide two of three bits of information:

    This will instantly retrieve your subscription information, and if you have a recurring membership, you will be able to cancel it. There is also a contact form if you need additional assistance.

    If you are having trouble with this method, or prefer to contact us directly, please send us an email, providing as much info as you can (e-mail address, name, login id). We will be happy to assist you. Please allow until the close of the next *business* day to receive our reply, and be sure to have your spam filter set to allow email from us!

    Login Problems

    AOL Users: By far the most common login issue is AOL users trying to access the site using the built-in browser in the AOL software. Please note that this browser is very problematic and is the reason you are unable to access the site.

    Please use an alternate browser for our site. Internet Explorer comes installed on Windows machines, or I can highly recommend Mozilla Firefox - it's lightweight, fast, and very secure. Your experience with our site will also be enhanced with this browser, as it was designed using modern web standards.

    Other users having login trouble should email, providing as much detail about the problem they are having as possible: username/password they are trying, browsers they have tried, their internet connection, operating system, and other software they are running.

    Please allow until the close of the next *business* day to receive our reply, and be sure to have your spam filter set to allow email from us!
    This is very important! It's quite frustrating to have a customer think we are ignoring them when we simply can't get a message through.



    Billing Frequently Asked Questions

    How much am I billed and how often? You are billed for exactly the amount of the subscription that you signed up for. Please refer to the table below for details:

    Membership Type Subscription Rate Monthly Rebill
    Monthly Auto-Rebilling Subscription $19.95 $19.95 per month, auto rebills each month until requested otherwise.
    1-Month Subscription $26.95 Does not rebill
    3-Month Subscription $49.95 Does not rebill
    6-Month Subscription $79.95 Does not rebill
    900 # - one month $24.95 Does not rebill

    If I cancel, when does my account expire? You will still have access to your membership until the period that you paid for expires.

    What will show on my credit card? For your privacy and to bill as discreetly as possible, charges will appear on your credit card simply as "SMG Media" - nothing else.

    What if I don't have a credit card? Is there another way to join? Sure! There are three other options on the "Join" page for you to choose from: Online Check, Pay by Phone, or Mail-in Your Payment.


    Privacy Policy

    We do not rent or sell our customer information to any third party. Your name, address, e-mail, credit card details and all other personal customer information are completely confidential.

    You will not be placed on a mailing list. We do not have a mailing list, nor do we provide information to any third party mailing lists. This policy is inclusive of both e-mail and snail mail confidential information.

    We will only contact you via e-mail if you contact us first with a question and ASK us to reply to you.

    Please do not access this site from a computer at your work.



    General Questions or Comments Via Email:

    Snail Mail: SMG Media, Inc. | PO Box 573399 | Tarzana, CA 91357


    Thank you for your membership to