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Size: 25.0Mb
Length: 4 min. 14 sec.
Models: Eve & Jo

Concerned about Lisa, Jo and Eve bring her along to a countryside retreat. The lesbian couple indulge in a quickie together upon arrival.

Size: 139Mb
Length: 23 min. 49 sec.
Models: Eve & Jo

Jo and Eve come back after a night on the town and enjoy each other for the rest of the evening, much to Lisa's annoyance.

Size: 119Mb
Length: 20 min. 21 sec.
Models: Jo & Zafira

Like Lisa, Jo cheats on her lover, taking advantage of another girl while Eve is away.

Size: 158Mb
Length: 27 min. 3 sec.
Models: Jo & Eve

Eve, unaware of Jo's infidelity, makes love to Jo again on the final night of their retreat.