Utilities: Zipped archives are located throughout the site. You may need a copy of WinZip to access these.

Graphics File Viewers: There's a great thumbnail browser in PaintShop Pro!

Video File Viewers: Windows Media Player.

Browser Update Links: Site optimized for Mozilla Firefox!

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Newer versions of Windows have the integrated ability to open ZIP archives. If you do need a utility to do this, WinZIP is the best program available. It's a free download; when you install it, just select the standard installation and you'll be ready to go. http://www.winzip.com


Video File Viewers

The easiest way to view our video files is to right-click on them and save them to your hard disk. You can then view them locally.

VLC Media Player
A lightweight video file viewer that is available for most any platform, and can play some video files that WMP has trouble with! Highly recommended.

Windows Media Player (WMP) ver. 10.x Microsoft's all-encompassing media software. Works well with most files, and has some nice adjustment capabilities.

You should not have any codec issues with these players. We have standardized any old "rogue" files and will be using .wmv for all new clips. Additionally, we have combined all old multi-part clips for you into single scenes. Enjoy!


Graphics File Viewers

Again, your OS should have a default method for image viewing. Here are a few programs we recommend if you're looking for an alternative.

1. IrfanView. This is a shareware program that you can download. Takes some time to figure out all of the options, but it is a great program and is totally free.

2. Paint Shop Pro. Views TONS of file formats and has a great browse/thumbnail feature so you can organize and see your ever-growing collection (hopefully, thanks to us ;)
Loads super fast, tons of features and easy to use. The downside is it comes with a 60 day trial, after which you must pay for it.

3. ACDSee. Many would argue that this is even better and faster than PSP (it *is* very fast!!). ACDSee is a great program for viewing and managing large image collections. Also requires purchase after a trial period.


Browser Update Links

We *highly* recommend using a standards-compliant browser such as Mozilla's Firefox. This site was designed with web standards in mind, using modern CSS techniques, and we assure you that your experience with it will be enhanced with a good browser. It's faster, safer, more useful, and best of all, it's free!

Get Firefox!

Internet Explorer. If you're stuck with IE, be sure to at least keep it up to date.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Kind Members, we are not in the business of providing technical support. If you have a question like "How do I view a movie file?" etc., please try to find a friend that knows about computers and ask him or her to help you. We don't have the time to answer 100+ technical questions a day AND maintain this massive site. If you are at a complete dead end, and have no one to ask, then you may send us an e-mail inquiry. Please put "TECHNICAL SUPPORT QUESTION" in the SUBJECT of the e-mail so that it can get to the right person ASAP.

*** ALSO - If you have any other killer apps that you would like to share with us and fellow members, please let us know and we'll put it here and credit you!